Question of the day: do you have student loan debt?

@pootz @bgcarlisle Tuition is free at every level where I'm from, and you get some money for the government for studying, which can cover cheap student housing. On top of that, you can take a (very favourable) loan, but there's no reason to accumulate a lot of debt.

@pootz Student loans are a very "American" thing.

In Brazil, it is not that common to go into ludicrous debt to pay for college. Public universities don't charge any tuition. Both public and private universities have night programs for people that work during the day. You are not expected to live on campus (i.e., you can live with your parents until you graduate).

Student loans do exist, especially the government-subsidized loans from a few years back. But it is not the same.

Yeah I thought about it and remembered that lots of people on the fedi aren't in the US so that makes sense

@pootz i am doubly blessed in that i don't live in a country with massive uni fees, and in that i never managed to finish any school that would've given me the qualification to enter a university (outside of parties).

@pootz paying mostly out of pocket with grant assistance. my mum's still dealing with her loans and made sure I wouldn't have that same debt, even if that means taking fewer classes at a time.

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