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Welcome to my home!

I've decided to open up this space as a way to connect with friends I've met over the years without all the noise that social media has added since it was first created. It's almost impossible to stay in touch without being bombarded by ads, getting lost in feeds that you don't control, or being spied on.

This space is meant to be an alternative to that. It's also meant to be as inclusive as possible, as if it were my own home. That means you don't have to be afraid of being who you are or expressing yourself with all the authenticity that entails. Maybe you want to talk about video games, a dank meme you saw, politics, your day at the park, the food you're eating or just the fact that you're having a shitty day even. Hell, make friends! Whatever you're feeling, post it.

I won't police people's language, but I will make sure that everyone feels safe. That means no harassment of others, no oppressive -isms or other things that are just plain toxic. I also recognize that nobody is perfect. We're all learning together.

To put it in positive terms, this is a liberation friendly space. People of all colors, genders (or non-genders), races, sexual orientations or other identities are welcome. That includes people of color, white people, straight people, LBGTQ+ people, and people from all over the world who I could go on for hours listing. Basically everyone is invited except for White supremacists, self-labeled racists, or other people who have hateful views that turn communities toxic and threaten the lives of people I know.

I only mention this to make it as explicit as possible. It's not meant to be heavy-handed, overbearing or anything like that. I put it out there so that it's understood what kind of space this is before you join. I'll try to be as responsive to community will and steward the type of space that you'd like to see this become. Make suggestions, report stuff if you feel the need to, block people who annoy you, make friends with the people who don't. Invite people to events, start a club I dunno, I'm mostly excited to see if people actually do cool things with this.

So with all that said, welcome aboard and post away!